About Us

How to join the Santa Cruz Chapter

Again, the requirements are simple.

1. You must first go to the International website (LINK) and complete the application process.

2.Be invited to join us on our local events and runs by completing the contact us form (LINK)

Please keep in mind:

We are looking for people who have good motorcycle skills in the pack and fit in well with our group. "Prospecting" is a period of time where you are evaluated. This period is typically 6 months after which you can be invited to join our chapter and wear the Santa Cruz rocker. In is VERY important that you are active with us. We are looking for a serious commitment from our prospects to the club. We are looking for the "few" who represent Chapter 88 as one of the most respected and active chapters in the USA.

How to Join WFMC

The requirements are simple. You "must be a firefighter" or a "firefighter with a fire service retirement" and you must own and ride a "Harley-Davidson®" motorcycle. 

W&F MC members may remain an "Out-Rider" or they may choose to join the nearest chapter. Chapter membership is controlled by the chapter(s). If you remain an Out-Rider and don't join a chapter you will wear our club's two piece colors’. (Maltese Center Patch with a bottom rocker with the wording "Firefighter" on it)

Items required for "Full Membership" into W&F MC. "Click here for questions sometimes asked"

1. A PHOTO which shows BOTH,  you and your Harley.

2. DUES are a "one time" cost of $25.00 U.S. ($27 Euro for overseas members). 

With your membership you will receive the small square membership patch, W&F MC pewter membership badge, a reflective decal, our "911-343" FDNY remembrance patch, five Club cards and a copy of our newsletter and club order form. The Club 12" x 11.5" Maltese back patch is available for an additional $29.00 and the bottom rocker for $22.00 plus 10% shipping and handling. 

There are three types of bottom rockers available; 

(1) Chapter Name (chapter members only) (2) Approved wording; Firefighter (for non chapter members)

NOTE: Please list all pertinent information for your membership on the back of your picture for our Club database:

1.     Name

2.     Mailing Address

3.     Model of your bike (Harley)

4.     Fire Department or retired FD

5.     Phone number & Email address

Using the US Mail "snail mail" only (no email) send your membership application to:

Wind & Fire MC
P.O. Box 8633
Bodfish, Calif. 93205

 Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club is a united group of firefighters who ride Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Presently we have over 4,500 members and 181 chapters. We have members living in 49 states and 24 countries.
 Wind & Fire MC has a secondary focus which is charity.

In April 1991, Wind & Fire was founded by Jerry Eibert, a 30 year veteran firefighter and a member of I.A.F.F. Local #2046, Jerry lives in Santa Barbara California and as member #1, signed John Denning member #2 and with this Wind & Fire MC was born.

W&F Club Runs:

·  The club annually organizes over 34 charity motorcycle events around the world, which primarily benefit children - burn injured children, kids with cancer, needy kids at Christmas and children in the hospital.

·  W&F MC Chapters operates a unique runs, it's the Burn Camp Run, in which members ride to summer camps for burn injured children. Presently 19 of these runs are in existence.

W&F International Rally

·   Each year there are four National Level rallies held across the United States. In addition to these, the European Chapters also hold regular rally events.

Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club
  International Website